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At Imagine Remodeling, we can help you with your home remodel from ideation and style to layout and implementation that best fits your lifestyle, preferences, and budget to create the home of your dreams.

What to Know Before Your Remodel


There are several reasons that we hear Central California homeowners choosing to hire us for whole home remodeling and redesign. The most common reason we hear from clients is that their home is outdated, either in style or functionality, including universal design, and it causes unneeded stress on the homeowner. A home remodel can make you feel better and more productive in your home every day of the year. If you’re feeling some of the discomfort that comes from having a home that doesn’t fit your family’s lifestyle, it may be time to start your remodeling journey with a professional team. Full home remodels allow for more creative solutions to your home and can:

  • Modify the layout of your home through wall removal or additions

  • Update the look of your home through your style preference

  • Create more space in your home by adding an addition of a new room or expanding a room

  • Become more energy efficient through “green” products and appliances throughout the remodeling process

  • Add value to your life and your home upon resale


We are transparent in our design build process from start to finish. Design build remodeling firms have an advantage to traditional remodelers because everything is done in house with architects and builders working together to create the home of your dreams. This process means there is no conflict between what architects have drawn up and what the builders can actually implement. There is a high level of understanding of what you as a homeowner want and need for the designer and the builder and we work together to complete the project as effectively and efficiently as possible.

A Whole Home Remodel Requires a Faster Project Timeline

Since the architects and builders are working together, your design will be complete and implementable on the first go. This also saves time because it’s combined into one step and one phase instead of the normal two-phase process. Your budget is also taken into account and is accurately represented when there is collaboration between designer and builder.

Enjoy a Smoother Complete Home Renovation Process 

You’ll not only have a faster remodeling experience, but you’ll likely also experience a project that is run more smoothly. Because both the designer and builder are working together to create your home remodeling blueprint, the builder will be able to foresee possible issues with the project and recommend different ways to meet your goals that reduce the risk of interruptions and issues in your project.

Achieve Better Remodeling Results and Predictability

We’ve already mentioned it, but having the communication between designer and builder upfront leads to better remodeling results for clients. As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one” and that’s no exception during a home remodel. If the designer has one idea to meet your home goals, but the builder has done the idea in a better way in the past that can be implemented, then the designer can incorporate that into the initial design.

Design Build Helps Homeowners Make Cost Effective Remodeling Decisions

Hiring a design build remodeler is also a great way to save on costs during your remodeling process. Traditional services will have you hire an architect and then find a builder who can implement the architects’ design. However, when design and build meet, it takes out unnecessary steps and speeds up the remodeling process, which saves you money. A Design Build firm can also help you choose design selections to fit your initial budget and avoid costly design changes. 

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You imagine your dream home where you'll be proud to host your family and friends and live your life to the fullest. 

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Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

Cost is a critical factor when considering a full remodel for your Fresno home and we understand that. We work with clients to establish their budget and give them realistic expectations of what it might cost to complete your desired project. While every project is different and the cost relies heavily on the size of the space, what you’d like done, and the finishes you choose, we’ve created a Home Remodeling Cost Report for the Fresno Area to help you make an informed decision.

If one of your top priorities is to add monetary value to your home a whole home remodel can help you achieve that goal. Specifically, kitchens and bathrooms provide a good ROI when remodeled correctly and more neutrally. Kitchens are more costly but provide the largest amount of value in terms of resale and likely your lifestyle.

If you want to renovate your house, you may be wondering what the first step in whole home remodeling should be. Do you remodel one room first or get to work on all the rooms at the same time? Stop. The first step should be educating yourself on the design build process! While some Fresno homeowners choose to hire an architect and then a general contractor for a full home remodel, our clients see many advantages to working with us from the design and all the way through construction.


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