What to Expect

“How long will my project take?”
What will my project cost?”

These are common questions as homeowners embark on a remodel or addition to their home. These questions are challenging to answer until we understand the full scope and details of your project. However, we can tell you what common remodels in the Fresno area typically cost and how long they typically take.

Below are some average prices and timeframes for different project types to assist you in planning your remodel or home addition. This information comes from years of historical knowledge and experience in designing and constructing custom remodels and additions in the Fresno area.

bath remodel

Project Timelines

The design and planning process is a critical part of a successful remodel or addition. The process outlined below shows the general steps and length of time required for a design build project. During the course of these stages, there are also several additional tasks going on behind the scenes, such as pulling permits and ordering the materials for your project. Our process is what sets us apart from other contractors and allows us to mitigate difficult disruptions to your family during construction.


The following timeline shows the average construction timeframes you can expect for a remodeling project in your home. These timeframes can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of your project.


Budget Expectations

Below are some typical costs for professional remodels in the Fresno area. If these ballpark costs seem like the right fit for your project, schedule a consultation in our office to help establish the parameters for your specific remodel.

budget expectations

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